About Our Services 

We offer FREE Consultations! 

-Licensed and Insured- 


We will utilize all means possible to advertise your sale. We advertise on our website, online advertising, buy & sell media sites, local papers. We have a huge following. There is no shortage of customers! 

-Setting Up-

We meticulously organize everything, set up all the tables, keep all like items together

and clean & refresh when necessary. We also secure all valuable items for sale in locked display boxes. 

-Conducting The Entire Sale-

We provide and pay all our own staff. Staff members are experienced and knowledgeable in all aspects of running the sale and interacting with customers. We have the knowledge and experience to recognize and price all collectibles and household items. We always keep on top of the "ever changing market." 

-Clean Outs-

We can provide a complete clean-out service, if needed. Our clean-out crew will leave your home broom swept and have it ready for closing in 24 hours or less. Licensed and Insured.

"It's The Spirit of Recycling, Recreating & Renewal That Estate Sales Find Their Greatest Meaning." ​